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Individualized Training for Athletes

Services overview

In-Person Training

We develop roadmaps for our athletes to achieve their end destination. This is accomplished through comprehensive strength and conditioning programs that address all of the physical components and athletic qualities athletes need to be successful. We offer a variety of training options to meet the individualized needs of our athletes. All of our training is conducted in person in our Lake Zurich facility.

Achieve Your Training Goals

1-on-1 Personal Training

1-on-1 personal training is offered for athletes and the general population. The individual will receive a customized training program bridging the gap between what their goals are and what the coach wants and needs them to accomplish their goals. Good programming bridges the gap between what the individual’s and coaches’ goals, wants, and needs are to ensure we’re moving in the right direction together to maximize results. This option also allows the individual to get more attention to detail. Training progress is based on how well the individual learns the skills we’re teaching; you have to earn the right to make advanced progressions in your training.

Supportive, Positive, Like Minded

Semi-Private Group Training

The semi-private group training entails training multiple clients/ athletes at once. Our client-to-coach ratio is set at a maximum of 6:1, where each individual is following their customized training program. Expect the initial phase of training to be extremely coaching intensive as there is a lot of training material to address. The ultimate goal of the coaching process is to teach the individual to take ownership of their own training process, giving them the freedom and autonomy to make their own decisions to achieve the outcome they desire. This is the most popular option and a great training environment for people looking to be surrounded by positive, supportive, and encouraging like-minded people who will push them to get better every day.

Early Morning Workouts

Strength & Conditioning Boot Camps

Our Strength and Conditioning Boot Camps are offered early in the morning for those who enjoy getting their workouts accomplished before their workday begins. Each class lasts an hour in duration and consists of a thorough warm-up consisting of soft tissue work, mobility, activation, and a dynamic warm-up.

The boot camp workouts are structured and organized including comprehensive training qualities such as power development such as sprinting, jumping/ plyometrics, medicine ball work, full body strength training, and finishing with conditioning work is all addressed through our comprehensive training.

These classes are offered on Monday, Wednesday, and Friday mornings, with Tuesday and Thursday being built-in recovery days where movement circuits will be performed to expedite the recovery process in between challenging training sessions.

Individualized, Independent, Effective

Program Design

We understand the 1-on-1 personal training or semi-private group training may not be the best option for everyone. We offer a program design option for people who are interested in following a well-structured and individualized training program they can execute on their own. The coach will write an individualized training program and coach them on how to execute the program over the course of 2-3 training sessions. After the first week of training with the coach, the individual is expected to execute the training program on their own for a 3-week period.

The goal of spending the first week with the coach is to ensure the individual feels confident and competent they can execute the program accordingly, safely, and effectively. Expect this to be very coaching intensive as the goal is for the coach to teach and educate the individual how to coach themselves and be their own best advocate. At the end of every phase (4 weeks) the coach will re-evaluate the individual’s progress and make necessary adjustments and progression to ensure the individual is always being challenged and progressing toward their desired goals.

Personal Training Prices

Assessment & Performance Testing*

* All of our services at TPS require and begin with the initial assessment process.


1-on-1 Personal Training

1 hour individual training session.


Semi-Private Group Training (ages 12+)

2x per week for $250/month
3x per week for $300/month
Unlimited 4-6x per week for $400/month


Youth Long-Term Athletic Development

1-3 sessions per week (ages 8-11)
1x per week for $100/month
2x per week for $200/month
3x per week for $225/month


Recovering Packages

Included for athletes if Strength and Conditioning Package is purchased. Available for athletes and adults.


Boot Camps

Pricing varies for each boot camp. Inquire for details.


gym with weight lifting and fitness equipment
training recovery center room with tables and equipment
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Gym Rental

Are you a personal trainer looking for gym space to rent? Our 1,000 sq ft gym and recovery center are available for personal trainers who want to build their business and be a part of our team.

Build your own business. Charge your own rates. Provide minimal monthly rent in exchange for space.