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Sport Specific
Strength Training

Building athletes requires a long-term commitment to athletic performance enhancement. Our approach at TPS is to build physical qualities such as movement competency, mobility/stability, speed, agility, power, strength, conditioning, and maximize recovery.

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Maximize Athletic Performance, Health, and Recovery

Develop the Fundamentals of Athelticism

Developing the fundamentals of athletic performance is the foundation of how we approach training young athletes. We strive to teach young athletes the importance of being brilliant at the basics to build athletic performance, keep them healthy, build resiliency, and sustain their athletic playing career by focusing on and supporting their future development.

Individualized Training Programs

Take ownership of your training process

One on One

Individualized and comprehensive training for you. One-on-One training is available for athletes and non-athletes.


Private group trainings has a maximum client to coach ratio of 6:1. Each client has their own individualized and comprehensive training.

Boot Camp

Strength and Conditioning Camps are offered early in the morning for those who enjoy getting their workout in before their workday begins.

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Declan Peterson – Professional Baseball Player

Latest News

Planning for the Off-Season

There are numerous factors I believe need to be prioritized and executed upon prior to taking part in an off-season strength and conditioning program. Today I will touch on a few things that need to be prioritized

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Approaching the Multi-Sport Athlete

The focus on off-season athletic development comes down to the individual’s goals, needs, and wants to be successful on the playing field. When the season comes around we switch gears and go into in- season mode.

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Trust the Process

Below are performance testing results from one of our youth athletes at Top Performance Strength comparing the initial testing results from 2021, comparing the testing results to 2022. Performance Testing Results: 1) 10 Yard Dash2021-

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