Approaching the Multi-Sport Athlete

The focus on off-season athletic development comes down to the individual’s goals, needs, and wants to be successful on the playing field. When the season comes around we switch gears and go into in- season mode. … Read more

Trust the Process

Below are performance testing results from one of our youth athletes at Top Performance Strength comparing the initial testing results from 2021, comparing the testing results to 2022. Performance Testing Results: 1) 10 Yard Dash2021- … Read more

Testing Key Performance Indicators

I often speak about the importance of building a well structured and comprehensive strength and conditioning program that attacks all the necessary physical qualities that will build a more well rounded athlete. A program that … Read more

Off-Season Workouts

With the summer baseball season coming to a close and the off-season right around the corner for most youth baseball players, we’re beginning off-season  strength and conditioning workouts for ages 9-14 years old. At this time of the … Read more

Getting an Evaluation

We’ve been discussing the importance of getting an evaluation to identify and address goals, movement limitations, and building an individualized plan and routine. Last week we addressed the fact that there is no such thing as … Read more